When I was six years old, my family decided to move to Cumberland, Maine, from Cleveland, Ohio. At first, I was unsure how I would transition to a new school and community. What I experienced was that moving to Maine has been the best choice for my family and me. Growing up in a small town in Maine provided me with the opportunity to be involved in numerous school activities, develop strong friendships, and be invested in the community.

In the past two years, we have navigated through uncharted waters that have significantly impacted our schools and community. The Falmouth School Board is one of many leadership groups that was confronted with several difficult decisions that have helped shape where we are today. I would like to help us continue to improve the educational experience by facing the challenges ahead, and see our students and teachers thrive in a healthy school environment.

I look to prioritize the following key principles: 

Communication between all parties, including parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the community

The social, emotional, and educational well-being of our students and teachers

Fiscal responsibility and managing the school budget

I’ve lived in Southern Maine since 1990. I received my early education through the Cumberland School systems, graduated from Greely High School and later went on to graduate from The University of Maine at Orono. In 2012, I moved to the Falmouth area and have entrenched myself in the community ever since. Education is an essential part of our community and one of Falmouth’s greatest attributes. I’ve had the luxury of teaching here from my time as a substitute teacher. My wife and I also come from parents and siblings who also have backgrounds as teachers ranging from pre-school up to college. My mother was fortunate to experience a long career as a teacher at the Falmouth Elementary School for seventeen years.

Today, I enjoy spending my time educating kids as a coach. As a father of two sons, one of who is in Kindergarten at Falmouth Elementary School, I immediately found myself coaching their youth sports. I’ve met many families over the past few years as a coach and have quickly learned that we all share the same family values and respect for one another. I love children, interacting with them as a coach is beyond rewarding. Helping pave their futures as leaders, teammates, and friends is a passion of mine and I hope to translate that in other ways in the community. Most recently, I accepted a position on the Board of Directors for Falmouth Football as the Head of Flag.

Professionally, my wife and I both work in Falmouth in banking. Specializing in risk management, I’m constantly challenged with difficult decisions and forced to think outside of the box. I believe that thinking intuitively and working as a team are key traits that are valued and required on any School Board. I’m a proponent for open discussion with the community when we’re confronted with these critical decisions that impact us all. Falmouth needs strong leadership through a common voice on behalf of the Community, the Parents, the Teachers and most importantly, the Kids. 

Together, let’s continue to provide the best future for our kids.